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Mrs. Kanchan Dangre the Founder of Step Up Kids

Mrs. Kanchan Dangre

Graduated with Honors in English Literature and Post Graduate Diploma in Teacher Training from Symbiosis, Mrs Kanchan Dangre held the dream of making learning blissful and fun for every child, with the right amenities and infrastructure that supports parents requirements of early education.

Her love for childrens made her set right processes and quality markers with a team of trained staff, to have a dynamic curriculum that inspires every child. Her accomplishments detail her dedication to the field of child education, with many awards and accolades in her cap!

She has won the Industry Award for 'Best Leadership Qualities & Best Business Plan' and accomplished 'Woman Entrepreneur Course' arranged by Goldman Sachs, ISB & SIB.

She is a life time member of 'Early Child Association'. 
She has counselled hundreds of Parents about wow parenting and how to balance family life and professional life. 

She believes in enhancing her learning everyday and is a regular attendee at Prestigious Workshops on Parenting and Schooling of Children.

Her recent feathers were earned at 'WOW Parenting', 'Made for each other' course on 'Let’s Explore' and course on 'Biz Excellence'.

She is also a core member of 'Keep Moving Movement' which is focused on Life Skill Development of Teenagers.

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