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  • What is the qualification of educators at Step Up kids?
    Educators are Early Childhood Education qualified. Apart from that we constantly keep training sessions and workshops for teachers to ensure their continuous updation.
  • What is the daycare fees structure ?
    Our fees structure vary according to our program and timings required by you. Please visit our nearest center to know more about our fees.
  • What is the admission procedure?
    Admission procedure at Step Up kids is on first cum first basis. One can visit the center and make an enquiry for preschool/daycare with Center Head. Post enquiry parents can fill the Admission Form and pay the required fees. We need 8 days prior registration for daycare so that child gets settled. Documents required along with Admission Form are: 2 passport size photos of the child. Xerox copy of Birth Certificate. 1 passport size photo of both the parents. ID Proof of Parents Fitness certificate of children’s
  • What is the academic year for the preschool?
    The academic year begins in June and ends by April every year.
  • Can I visit my child at the center anytime I would like to?
    Yes you can visit anytime you like it. Even for settling time we allow parents for some time but with the fact that other kids don’t get disturb during the class/activities.
  • What about the meal? Is it provided at the daycare?
    At Step Up kids, all meals are cooked at each center and served only after tasting it. Our nutritionist has planned the whole menu planner and accordingly we serve food to kids. Our meal includes Breakfast, Lunch, Milk, Fruit, Mini meal.
  • What is the assessment process in Step Up kids?
    As such there is no ranking/grading system but we have an analysis report which covers cognitive, behavioral and academic skills of child.
  • What teaching methodology is followed at Step Up Kids?
    Our teaching methodology includes different methods/approaches like Play–Way method, Montessori, Thematic and Multiple Intelligence. We have blend the traditional and Western methodologies to give a holistic development to the child.
  • What kind of event and celebration are integrated for children in Step Up kids?
    We celebrate all the festivals at step up kids. Along with that we also conduct events according to our curriculum, so that kids understand with play n learn method.
  • Why should one prefer Step Up kids?
    You should prefer Step Up Kids because of the following: Age-1.5 months onwards. 8:00am-8:00pm - 12 hours of working. Specialized Infant Care. Clean, Hygienic, Happy environment and child safe amenities. Spacious play area. Ample of indoor & outdoor toys. Trained staff. Healthy adult to child ratio. Nutritionist approved vegetarian meals. Health check ups. On call Doctor. First aid facilities. Corporate tie ups. Parent Partnership Program. CCTV cameras. Inverter backup. Strong bonding with kids and parents.
  • My child is not potty trained and is not able to have food by himself . Can I still send him to daycare?
    Yes, you can send your child . Our caretakers help kids in feeding food and they are well trained for potty cleaning. Gradually we make sure that child becomes independent and develop self skills.
  • How do you maintain the safety, security and hygiene?"
    We maintain safety, security and hygiene through: Single entry and exit point for children. CCTV surveillance. Netted windows. Regular Pest control. First Aid kit at each center. Daily and weekly cleaning.
  • What will my child do at the daycare?
    At step up kids, the whole day is planned properly with specific time for all the activities like free play, story time, dance, shlokas, art n craft. Apart from that we have fixed meal time, nap time for kids so that a proper routine is followed.
  • How would I come to know what my child learns at the Daycare?
    Our center Head/Administrator communicates the whole day schedule of your child.
  • What is the educator : student ratio?
    The educator : student ratio is 1:10.
  • What are the school and daycare timings?
    Daycare Timings: Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 8:00pm Saturday: 9:00am to 6:00pm School Timings: Playgroup: 10:30am to 12:30pm Nursery: 9:30am to 12:30pm
  • How are parents getting involved?
    We encourage a warm and open relationship with parents. We appreciate parents getting involved through projects, participating in different activities at center.
  • What is the right age to send my child to the preschool?
    1.5 years to 2 years is the right age to send the child to the preschool.
  • What are the modes of payment to pay daycare fees?
    Fees can be paid by following modes: Online. Cheque. Cash.
  • Why is preschool education important?
    Brain development is highest during the first four years of life. The brain is forming important neural paths to develop the child’s ability to perform and function and learn well. Children are able to learn at a rapid rate and want to learn new information during these years.
  • Which board is affiliated with Step Up Kids?
    Preschool doesn’t follow any board but our curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares child to enter any board.
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