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Early Learning

Our holistic Approach to Child Development

We, at Step Up Kids Pre-School, cherish each and every moment of our children’s development. The first word, the first intelligence excites us just the way it does to them.

Step Up Kids Pre-School and Nursery curriculum allows children to discover themselves.

Our early learning program is dedicated to Pre-school and nursery kids. At this age children learn, explore, discover their potential, their creativity through fun and play method under the supervision of trained and dedicated teachers.

Step Up Kids Pre-School is a place where learning is Fun, full of joy, enthusiasm, spontaneous creation. We believe that school is a place where children start their process of learning by play way method. Where tender minds open up to absorb whatever is fed to them which in turn makes the teacher play a vital role in shaping and molding these innocent minds. It is the place where smiles blossom, laughter roars and parents get assurance about their child’s bright future.

What children learn during their early age remains with them throughout and also becomes a deciding factor in their outlook towards life. So our qualified and dedicated staff takes special care of each child and introduces them to various subjects.

We believe that early learning is essential for shaping a child's future, and our holistic approach focuses on all aspects of child development: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

Our early learning program is designed to help children discover their potential through fun and play. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, explore, and create at their own pace.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers use a variety of teaching methods, including integrated curriculum, modern Montessori, and multiple intelligence, to meet the needs of all learners. We also blend Indian values and modern education to ensure that our children develop a strong foundation for success in school and in life.

What makes us Unique

  • Integrated researched based child centric curriculum based on thematic approach Modern Montessori, Multiple intelligence.

  • We have blended Indian values and modern education for holistic development..

  • We have 1:10 teacher- child ratio. We focuses on quality rather quantity.

  • Trained and professional teachers and staff. Loving, caring attendants.

  • Nutritious meals.

  • We are one stop solution for child development. We have all the required facilities for child development.

  • Safe secure and happy environment.

  • Specious out door play area.

  • Online and offline preschool facilities.

  • Parents testimonials are our true awards.

    We invite you to join us at Step Up Kids Pre-School and experience the difference that a truly impactful early learning program can make in your child's life.

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