We Believe in providing ‘Blissful Learning & Living’

Early childhood years sees rapid and continuous development in children. They learn to talk, walk, develop the ability to observe, memorize, coordinate and socialize. It is during this time that they need proper guidance and right direction. We at Step Up kids Daycare & Preschool strive towards continuous growth and development of children. They learn varied skills such as talking, observing, memorizing, coordination, socializing etc. These skill sets are inculcated in  kids under proper guidance and observation, through marking their development in intervals.  We take utmost care and believe in learning through involvement and connection.

We have entrusted in ourselves the responsibility of seeing the child as they are. At Step Up kids Daycare & Preschool, we have a responsible team and accept children as they are. We guide them from the beginning and are instrumental in enhancing their personality in terms of intellectual , physical and emotional development. We believe, every child is unique and needs to be treated differently.

Our Unique Methodology

1. Blissful Learning & Living, is our motto.
2. At Step Up Kids, we have always ensured to provide children with a learning environment where they can
explore their ideas and channelize their curios minds with varied age appropriate activities.
3. With our experienced and well-trained stuff,kids explore numerous learning opportunities every single day.
4. We have integrated a research based child centric curriculum which further enhances holistic development.
5. The curriculum is based on eclectic approach and can be better expressed by our unique methodology of
E cube &; I cube. Enquiry -Explore-Excel and Initiate - Innovate -Integrate.

‘Step Up kids Daycare & Preschool toil to bloom our buds because we know their potential, needs, searches and a blissful way to teach them. Step Up kids Daycare & Preschool provide happy environment within which children can experience opportunities which will enable them to become independent learners and confident adults.’

‘Step Up kids Daycare & Preschool aims to grow exponentially in the child care sector, best in class daycare and pre-school, have more and more children been taken care off by expanding into more outlets and franchisees across Pune.’