Mrs. Raut

I feel my daughters have two home. One in which we stay in the evening & night & the other, the ‘Step-up Day-care centre’, where they stay, whenever I am at work. Both of my daughter’s enjoy as if its their own home. There are no restrictions, they have liberty to play as well as discipline is also maintained. Children are kept busy in different activities & learning. In step-up, no. of interesting activities are conducted like Omkar, Prayers, Shlokas, drawing, colouring, craft etc. So, children never get bored. Kanchan, the director of Day-care, personally pays attention to these activities as well as sees whether schedule of every child is followed on time properly or not. Mrs. Kanchan also sees, whether the child has good habits like washing hands before lunch, meal, cleanliness & hygiene is being maintained & proper care of the child is taken or not etc. Kanchan is very active. She is creative and wants new activities to be carried out. I feel relax, if my daughters are in her Day Care since last 4 years. My daughters have learnt a lot many things from her than me. Credit goes to Mrs. Kanchan Dangre, the Director of ‘Step-up Day – Care centre.’ I really thanks her for the wonderful service and her contribution in shaping my children. Thanks.

Mrs & Mr Satoskar

It started in September 2008 when we were looking out for a good place for our baby Jay. We came across this place STEP UP…… It’s very modest and friendly where a kid is nurtured in affectionate surroundings. It has been an excellent experience. It is a second home for our little son. Ever during critical times our child is looked after with utmost care…. We have not faced any problems where food and hygiene are concerned…. At just 1 and ½ yrs of age our little one is well trained to sit and eat. He has become very cordial and friendly with everyone. We as parents would like to appreciate the endless efforts taken by Kanchan, Parveen, Pinky, Jaya and all the didi’s who are always at their best.

Mrs & Mr Sinha

Hi, My son Eshan stayed home for the first 16 months of his life and then one day I had to take the toughest decision in my life to put him in a daycare centre… when I went back to work. The most difficult part was to find a home-like day care, nearby home and with all the good facilities and staff. We saw many centers and it was tearful to see that children are just living in daycare with no attention because these childcare facilities are overloaded and understaffed. But when we saw STEP-UP and met Mrs. Kanchan Dangre, we were relieved to know that they primarily focus on nurturing the child’s development in a warm and caring atmosphere. My son cried at first, when we dropped him off and after some days he would stop crying shortly after we left, but it broke my heart making it very difficult for me to leave. The most important things that a parent is worried for his child at the daycare are his diet, hygiene maintained and the secure positive behavior but STEP-UP Daycare provides them all with education, patience, and attention that children need to grow and thrive. At STEP-UP they have web cam video systems. Also the teachers talk to you about how your child did today….which gives us a picture of what our child has learnt and the fun activities that he has participated in. Eshan is doing well and is learning a lot of new things. I am really happy with Eshan’s development at STEP-UP and I would like to thank all teachers, staff and specially Mrs. Kanchan Dangre for being so co-operative.

Mrs & Mr Attarde

Step up Day care is IInd home for our daughter Anvi she is staying more time with Step up than with us, where she is staying since she was 3.5 months old. We are proud that most of the new and good habits Anvi learnt from Step-Up. She is very happy to go & stay there as she is getting professional as well as a cultural Home environment. Though cost criteria is high but the Care Didi, Teacher, personal observation of Kanchan Madam for minimum possible kids is very good objective of Step up. We never observed any issue or complaint regarding Caring, food & managing environment to stay for our kid.

Shraddha P. Joshi

It would not be an exaggeration if I say that ‘Step-up’ is the first home for my son Prathamesh. It is a place where he spends most of the day; where he is taken well care like all mothers do. I was also apprehensive as to how Prathamesh would feel at the day care. Thoughts like would he eat, sleep properly? Raced my mind, but in all honesty Prathamesh has got adjusted to the life at step-up. In fact he enjoys here a lot and Kudos to the different activities like ‘Omkaar, shlokas, yoga’ that are taken up here. I have seen an amazing development in him. He’s become very bold & learnt certain patterns of decorum and has also been well-groomed. What I like most about the day care is the hygiene. Also the maids (Tai) who shower a lot of love on the children.I wish all the best to Mrs. Kanchan Dangre and her team.

Mrs. Madhura Bhatawadeker

When my baby was 5 months old it was a time for me to take decision whether I should keep Ridhima in a day care? I decided I will visit “Step-Up” – When there for fist time I was little bit comfortable. They told me everything how we take care of children. They told me the activities they play. How they learn. Now it’s almost 7 month I am keeping Ridhima in a day care without any worry. Step-Up is taking care of her very well. She learns lot of thing there. Ladies (Tai) in Step-Up are very caring. They take care of Ridhima’s timing of food & sleep. Now I am really feeling that it was good decision. Step-Up team is flexible to accommodate my long working hrs. which help me a lot. Thanks to Step-Up.

Mrs & Mr Sawairam

We have been delighted having our baby in Step-Up day care at Baner. This day care started this year in Baner, burt had years of experience in another branch in Pune city. After observing for about 6 months, we thing it was right decision of selecting Step-Up day care for our child. Step-Up had give personal attention to kids, encourage kids t talk and communicate and Also has arranged events like photo session, Dandiya and other parties and more important medical check up. They have been flexible arranging Saturday Day care facility.

Mrs & Mr Jawale

If you ask my parent to provide feedback about Step- up , They would have said: “Just to say a ‘huge’ thank you to you all for giving me the most fantastic time whilst in your care at ‘step-up. I have grown into a happy , loving and extremely confident one year old. The ongoing support, helpfulness and genuine Friendliness of all the staff over the past one year has been superb. I loved every minute spent in step-up. I would highly recommend you to any mums and dads considering ‘step-up’ for their child care.

Rupali Ghorpade

The Step-Up Day Care is like a second home for my child. He is treated like a family member. He enjoys all the activities that are conducted there. Individual attention is given to each and every child. Over all I am satisfied with the service of the Step-Up.

Mrs & Mr Swaminathan

Our children, Sridhar and Sridevi, have been going to Step-Up for 6 months. They are the first children to join Step-Up. We feel children are secure and well-cared for in Step-Up. There is a good ambience for the children, and it is very spacious. The food is nutritious and of good quality. Our children like the teachers, ayahs and saff. Step Up is not just a Day Care Centre. In fact, there are many activities such as crafts, drawing, and clay modeling etc, which keeps the children active. We wish “All the best” for Step-Up Day Care Centre.

Mrs & Adv Nair

Samarth is our dream come true, we wanted a home for him so that he is in professional hands and capable team who can handle tiny toddler like him. I found Step Up online the website had very interesting things, activities and a good team profile, I made a visit to the center the same day with no prior intimation and I saw they were just like what they described themselves as, in terms of premises security, hygiene, ambience and a very warm hearted team, very unique and innovative activities to engage tiny minds in the right way, excellent food cuisines full of health and food children love to eat, I will personally impressed with Kanchan who has taken her passion to greater heights over the years. We are blissfully blessed to be part of Step Up.

Mrs & Mr Tudayekar

We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your kindness, affection & warmth that you all have shown towards our daughter. And, of no less importance, for the peace of mind we had while we were away at work. Thank you for providing a safe, happy & wonderful learning environment to our little angel. We feel blessed being part of Step Up Family.

Mrs & Mr Harpude

Step Up is second home for Mukta. When I rejoined my duties after maternity leaves are over, I was very much worried about my daughter.We started searching day care facility nearby our office and the first phone was to step up. Kanchan mam explained everything at that time. And thank god we did not inquiry at any other day care. As a mother I m very lucky to have such caring and healthy facility given by Step up. They have trained and caring staff and teachers; all are very helpful. I like the various activities like prayes, dance, festivals celebrations at step up. Kanchan mam personally listens to all our queries and give right feedback. They have adjusted as per Mukta’s schedule of school. Last but not least the proper hygienic environment is maintained about which every mom is concerned. Personal attention is given to every kid. We are relaxed at our work place when Mukta is at day care; we know she is in safe hands. Thanks for providing healthy and happy surrounding to my child. We are very much thankful to all didi's, admins, teachers, admin and all staff members of step up. We feel proud that we are part of step up family!! Thank you again…!!!